Welcome to MYMOJOVAPE, brought to you by the magical forces of all that is good and evil. You have entered a mystical world of wonder and fantasy, where mere mortals are usually forbidden. However, the battling forces of good and evil have recently collided in a magical showdown that we will never soon forget! Everything you see here is a product of this epic battle.

Recently, the boiling core of the Earth was visited by an evil, wicked witch named Aideen. Her plan was to harness the limitless power of fire and heat in order to command all mortals, burning their souls from their bodies and using them as her own personal servants for eternity. She succeeded in her undertaking and used her inherited magical powers to tame the elements and use them as her own. In order to deliver her lethal dose of heat into the bodies of the Earth, she created the Hex.

Word of the wicked witches’ plan traveled the entire world, eventually entering the ears of a peculiar, kind hearted wizard name Marden. He had always been a friend of the mortals. Upon learning this news, he realized he had to do something. Being a creature of magic and water, Marden had a plan to rival Aideen’s. Through the use of his spells and a little help from like-minded immortals, he created the AmuletGLASS. Having heard stories of Aideen’s character on many occasions over the past centuries, he knew one thing she wouldn't be able to turn down. A direct challenge.

Marden traveled the globe to confront Aideen, face to face. He told her of his creation, and how it was completely superior to hers, containing more power than she could ever hope to harness. The fire behind her eyes burned! He bet her that if mortals were exposed to both of their creations together, they would always choose Marden’s side of goodness and peace. Aideen was furious! She accepted Marden’s bet and they agreed to combine the HEX and the AmuletGLASS in order to create the MYMOJOVAPE.

The fusing of the two products required an immense amount of pressure and therefore was done deep beneath the rocks of the Earth. An intense burst of energy was released, forming the cave you see today. Those who were led to this location began to consume the heated liquid mixture. Initially it seemed as if Marden had an advantage, for most mortals were choosing his side. Aideen, being the conniving, wicked witch that she was, secretly created an additional device in order to hypnotize the visitors upon arrival to the cave. She called it the HYPNOTIST. Slowly, the battle became more even.

Those who are now led to the cave and consume the heated liquid mixture are all a part of this magical struggle. Which side will you choose?

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